THC Biomed Indica Landrace


A cannabis plant is only as good as its parents. That’s why THC Biomed specializes in landrace strains, which are plants that have adapted to their environment over many different generations. The THC Biomed Indica Landrace is a pure indica plant with an acidic kick. Enjoy this hypnotic flower before bed.


Indica    18-21 %    0-0.035 %
Type    THC            CBD

Immediate      Body          3 hours
Onset            Feeling            Duration



THC Biomed Indica Landrace

3.5 g
THC Biomed
Cannabis medicine should be affordable, accessible, and high-quality. This belief is at the heart of THC Biomed’s mission, where consumers come first. Headquartered in the beautiful British Columbia, THC Biomed is committed to sustainable and organic growing methods.


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