How to order without cryptocurrency ?

How to order without cryptocurrency ?

Right, so crypto is not for you. We have great news- you can also purchase our products without paying with bitcoin directly.

Recently we got hands on the so called cryptovouchers (nothing hard – believe us). The idea here is following:

  • You purchase the voucher to the order equivalent amount
  • In return you get voucher (16 digit) which is exchangeable to other cryptos
  • You send us the voucher code when placing order (do not redeem it yourself)
  • We redeem the voucher and you order is getting shipped to you – easy

This method keeps you anonymous during payment and does not require you to provide private information to us and we do not get your financial details.

Resources where to purchase crypto vouchers listed below: – we do not have automated conversion to EUR but it could be done by “googling” (for instance “100gbp to eur”)