Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter UK


Experience the electrifying effects and bold flavor of Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter. This concentrated cannabis product is made through a solvent-based extraction method, resulting in a glass-like substance with a high THC content. Enjoy the sweet and tart taste of Purple Shock Tart strain in a concentrated form for a strong and long-lasting high. Break through with the intense buzz of Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter

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Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter UK
Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter UK  has a characteristic sweet candy aroma, this shatter is guaranteed to brighten anyone’€™s day. Soft and malleable, but still snaps apart easily when cooled. Large lung expansion and a smooth bold taste that doesn’t burn the nose on the exhale. Helps with anxiety and puts very euphoric thoughts in your mind.

About concentrates
Concentrates are condensed cannabis medicine with very little plant matter, making them a safe and healthy alternative method of in-taking medicine. Every type of concentrate described below can be vaporized, baked into edibles, infused into topical or smoked alone or with cannabis flowers.

We always make sure that we are fully stocked on our connoisseur-grade concentrates. Besides, we hold concentrates to the same stringent set of Fusion Medication Standards and are extremely potent. And of course, we equally carry the strongest, most effective, Connoisseur Grade Concentrates, oils, hashes, and other products.
THC: 71.00 CBD: 1.00

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