It has exactly that nostalgic high that is almost impossible to find these days, even on the legacy market

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JWC’s “Old School Black Hash” is exactly that other than appearance. I was pumped when I saw it on our menu because finding that old squishy hash, the traditional Afghan style, has been hard. Especially hard to find at a higher THC %. The bubbles and sifts have been testing higher than the gooey stuff, which is they way it is on the legacy market, but one of the benefits of legalization has been the improvement of niche products.

Opening the container I was surprised to see what looked like any ordinary compressed dry sift, however picking it up I immediately felt the give and moldability I was hoping for. The layers seen in the pic did not crumble or flake but cohered. I was also surprised to see such a light golden colour despite nearly half of the 449 mg of THC being decarbed. They took the extra time to use a lower temperature when processing the kief. This also produced a less oily consistency.

The extra care was evident in the smoke. It had all the calling signs of a good hash. It stayed smoking for a long time when hot knifed, has zero burnt toast taste, and left very little (if any) residue on my hands. The taste was much brighter than any of the soft hash I have tried, clearly a result of the lower baking temp. It had some of the deeper coffee and earthy notes but also a notable pop of thyme and citrus.

On smoking it I felt the kind of high I was searching after. Anyone else excited by the product name “Old School Black Hash” knows exactly what I’m talking about. There is something clear yet spacey about a real hash high. Like those couple of minutes after an amazing nap, where you are relaxed and content?

JWC’s “Old School Black Hash” would be perfect to smoke at the park or beach. It has exactly that nostalgic high that is almost impossible to find these days, even on the legacy market. Delightfully though, it is clearly of a higher quality than the tar we all used to love. The defined layers show the care in handling the final product. The light gold despite the impressive THC : THC-A ratio shows the time taken. I cannot wait to take this stuff in to the sunshine where it belongs.

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